Xbox 360 RGH 6 Console Stream

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Mark Taylor Tyishon Clark Matt Altheide Lee Morris Dustin Johnson and Johnathon Demoss, Ok guys here ya go after going into Beast Mode Yesterday Here they are All finished. Up on Alliance Server with Lifetime and Trials of Purge for GtaV College Football Revamped Version 10 for Ncaa14 Bo2 Mw3 Mw2 Ghosts Offhosts Jiggy and Sentinel For Bo2 Multiplayer and Zombies. Consoles Fitted with Aurora and Download Patcher installed. All Games have their Latest Tu's so playing online is a breeze with very minimal downloading these consoles range from 250 to 2 terabyte. The first one will be used for Demonstration and A guide for all the rest so you can get online and start Playing, we will be going over the fundamentals including ftp xbox 360 neighborhood aurora and dashlaunch. All of them come with a 3 month warranty and some bought the extended 12 month warranty. I want to thank you guys for your business you are all awesome and appreciate you. Shipping them out this afternoon. All power supplies and controllers are shipped in seperate boxes. Thank you again for your business enjoy the show
Lost Planet 3
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