WolfQuest: Heirs of Wildfire | Wildfire Pack Heir Poll Litter #1

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Pyra's first litter has drawn to a close, and the Wildfire pack grows in size. One day, one of her pups will go on to continue the Wildfire pack into the next generation. Will it be a member of this litter? We'll have to find out. Vote for which wolf you'd like to see become the semifinalist of this litter! When Pyra's story concludes, the semifinalists of all litters will run against each other and an heir will be chosen from among them!

Submit traits and story element ideas on my Patreon for a chance at seeing them become part of a wolf's canon backstory!

Quick Chapters:
0:00 Intro
1:21 Pups & Summary
5:12 Ember
8:02 Amber
10:03 Cinder
12:18 Spark
14:20 Hestia
17:07 Outro
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