"Who Are You In My Life..?"||When Someone Insults Michael's Playing(The Play)||Ft. Michael Afton||

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Welcome to my short description!

-"Who Are You in My

-When Someone Insults Michael's Playing(The play)-

•Arcade(violin version)

Note:This is my AU. All of the things you've watch in this video are my own alternate Universe of Afton Family. So don't correct me about my AU. That's all

-Oc's used in my AU-

•Past Tormentors
-Michael Foxy
-Simon Chica
-Mark Bonnie
-Fredrick Freddie

•Past Funtimers
-Mason/Noah Ennard
-Orion Lolbit
-Stella Ft. Chica
-James Yenndo

•Bunny Squad

-William Afton

Thank you a lot for subscribing to my channel. Then again this my Afton Family AU, my own version of AU. Some of my afton oc's characteristics, backstory/past, attitude, behaviour and ect. are just an AU of mine, so don't compare or neither correct me of anything since I have know Afton Family in my own way

-Credits for the music-

-App used-
•Gacha Club
•Ibis Paint

And again, Arigatoo minasan!

-Akir Moon-

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