Watch NOW! DNA Activation and Unlocking Your Superhuman Abilities - S2 Ep1

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Watch NOW! David Wong’s Webinar | DNA Activation and Unlocking Your Superhuman Abilities - S2 Ep1

00:00 Welcome to Superhuman Adventure
00:36 David Wong
01:07 Disclaimer
01:21 Three Layers of Consciousness
01:45 1st Layer - Consciousness
01:59 2nd Layer - Subconscious
02:58 3rd Later - Super Consciousness
04:40 How to Connect to Super Consciousness?
05:13 The Qi Life Progression Pyramid
07:30 Qi Energy
09:13 High Level Martial Arts
10:03 Energy Healing
11:12 Manifestations
15:01 How to use Qi Coils to Manifest Success?
16:22 Psychic Ability
19:33 Frequencies as Apps
20:49 The Proof that it works
25:38 The Qi Coil Mini System
44:51 Question and Answer

Activate your Superhuman DNA.
Missed the actual webinar?
Watch the replay of the very first Episode of our Webinar Series “Activate Your Superhuman Webinar”
The term superhuman refers to humans lifeforms with enhanced qualities and abilities that exceed those naturally found in humans. These qualities may be acquired through natural ability, self-actualization or technological aids like our Qi Coil System.

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