Vaccine Myths, Taste Test Kits, LSU's Early Childhood Institute | 4/2/21 | LSWI

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07:11-13:59 - COVID-19: VACCINE MYTHS
As distribution of the COVID-19 vaccination increases to the general public, a number of people in Louisiana are still hesitant to get it. Experts point to fears about unknown long-term effects and pregnancy concerns. LPB’s Kara St. Cyr sits down with both Dr. Joseph Kanter with the Louisiana Department of Health and Dr. Pam Simmons with Woman’s Hospital as they debunk myths about the vaccine and what long-term effects it can cause.

14:06-19:19 - COVID-19: TASTE TEST KITS
Andre' Moreau has an exclusive update on the peer-reviewed and published COVID-19 research work of Baton Rouge rhinologist Dr. Henry Barham. Dr. Barham’s simple taste test, which reveals super-tasters or non-tasters, predicts outcomes and severity of the novel virus. Yet this revolutionary discovery has flown under the radar. Now, a new company has been created that will offer at-home taste test kits and could have important implications for overall health and other illnesses.

There is a lot of praise going around for LSU’s new Early Childhood Institute, and the expectations for the care of children in that age group are high. We talk with Institute Director Dr. Cynthia Di Carlo and Dr. Richard Baker, Associate Director of the LSU School of Education, to get a reality check.
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