Transforming the Air, Sea, and Land Freight Transport Sector SWC50 Webinar 12.08.2021

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This special webinar is part of the Century of Solar virtual celebration.

In 1970 solar research pioneers met at the first International Solar Energy Society (ISES) Conference in Melbourne Australia. In 2020, ISES began SWC50 with a two-day looking back – looking forward virtual conference held on 3-4 December. Along with the Conference, ISES launched the ISES SWC50 Century of Solar Stories and Vision booklet and opened the ISES SWC50 Century of Solar Museum. The SWC50 conference, booklet and museum all focus on the energy transformation that has occurred in the past 50 years and what is required as the world moves towards 100% renewable energy. This webinar continues the looking forward theme and focuses on innovations in the transport industry. For over 60 years, members of ISES have undertaken technical research, product development and advocacy for the growth of solar and renewable energy technologies. SWC50 celebrates what has been achieved over the 50 years since this first international conference, and a discussion of what must happen over the next 50 years, with particular emphasis on the next 10 years. Through the conference, booklet, museum and special SWC50 webinars, ISES aims to provide resources to help everyone accelerate the transformation to a 100% renewable energy world.

This webinar welcomed the following presentations:

- Paulette Middleton (ISES/ASES): SWC50 Introducer
- Hannah Murdock (REN21): Moderator + Global Status of Renewables in Transport
- Tony Wood (Grattan Institute): Towards net zero: Practical policies to reduce road transport emissions
- Remo Schäppi (ETH Zürich): Solar Fuel Production From Ambient Air in a Modular Solar Concentrator-Reactor System
- Gavin Allwright (International Windship Association, IWSA): Wind Powering Decarbonisation in Shipping
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