Top 5 WORST "In-Game" Pokémon Trades

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Wow first top 5! I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’ve always wanted to talk about in-game trades in Pokemon games for the longest time! One mark off my “to-do” list!

Looking forward to putting out more scripted videos like this throughout the coming year. Still trying to gain proper footing with this format, I’m still trying out a couple of new things so bear with me!

Also I know nobody is gonna read this, but the Jojospective is still happening. The first series on Part 1 took a LONG time to write amongst everything else, I want to give any others the proper time they need. Part 2: Battle Tendency will definitely be over an hour or so worth of content, and Part 3: Stardust Crusaders will probably destroy every FIBER of my being. I will say though, the next Jojo video will NOT be on Part 2 or 3. I’m planning on touching on the whole series in its entirety for my next video(s) on the subject so stay tuned.

Also, don't expect weekly uploads again for a while! Me and the gang are working on some bigger projects as of right now, and I don't want to rush stuff to fit an upload schedule. Though I know you guys will dig it once it's out, we're planning on dropping a lot of stuff in quick succession when the time is right.


This video was edited and written by me! Ain’t that a hoot?

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