This Roblox Sonic Game Looks Amazing...

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This roblox sonic game looks amazing. This is my first time trying out this game, so I decided why not attempt to speedrun a sonic game? This is my attempt at a sonic

Sonic World Adventure is a fan-made Roblox sonic game, with amazing roblox graphics. Sonic World Adventures is inspired by the Sega game Sonic Unleashed. Sonic World Adventure, SWA, has two maps Town Mykonos ETF, and Sonic World Adventure Act 1. Both are owned by the Sonic World Adventure Project group. Town Mykonos has a simple setting meant to showcase some of the animations and graphics of the game. Sonic World Adventure Act 1 is a parkour Bobby where you can practice some of SWA's game mechanics and features.

The Fastest Speedrun I could find:

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Try The Game Out:

Sonic World Adventure [Alpha]

Intro Song:
BUNGEE GUM | Trap Beat | Hunter x Hunter Remix (Prod. Eekway)

#ktggaming #Sonic

0:00 Intro
1:39 Sonic Town/Learning The Game
6:35 Speedrun Attempt
Lost Planet 3
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