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This week I’m delighted to welcome friend and fellow GP, Dr Gemma Newman to the podcast. Gemma is someone who I really respect, not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, she always leads with kindness and compassion – values that I aspire to myself. Gemma has recently released her first book, The Plant Power Doctor: A Simple prescription for a healthier you. Gemma has been a doctor for 17 years and has learned a lot by interacting with her patients but like for so many of us, she has also learned powerful life lessons through her own life experience.

Gemma has a strong family history of heart disease and in her early days as a junior doctor, she found herself to be carrying excess weight and was exhausted. This led to her making some changes to what she ate and how she moved and this helped her lose weight. In fact, she dropped from a size 18 to a size 8 but when she checked her blood levels, she found some concerning results. Initially, Gemma put these results down to her genes and did nothing more about it until she started researching a wholefood plant-based diet. Following this research, Gemma decided to give this way of eating a go and she shares the transformative effect it’s had on her and some of her patients.

This is a wide-ranging conversation. We discuss how many of the chronic illnesses we face - including heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, hormonal dysfunction and obesity - can be helped with changes to our lifestyle. We also talk about Gemma’s own near-death experience and the topic of spirituality. Finally, Gemma shares her brilliant top tips, which you can put into practice immediately to change the way that you feel. At the heart of all Gemma’s advice is compassion and kindness and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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