The Mario Race No One Completed for 8 Years

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Super Mario Galaxy has 4 Cosmic Comet missions in the game: Honeyhive Galaxy, Freezeflame Galaxy, Gold Leaf Galaxy, and Sea Slide Galaxy. At these stages Mario faces off against Cosmic Mario in a race to the star. But deep within the files is parts of an unused, 5th race that was eventually pulled from the game. This is the story of Space Junk Galaxy's unused race and the efforts of one modder to restore what was lost.

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Credits and sources:
Research and recreation by Aurum.
Peardian for originally discovering the race.
Written and filmed by SwankyBox.
Editing by SwankyBox.

Music credits:

Songs from Super Mario Galaxy 1 OST

"File Select" - SMG
"Drip Drop Galaxy" - SMG
"Space Junk Road" - SMG

"Pleasant Porridge" Kevin MacLeod ()
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution License
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