The Lost Sonic Fan Game - Part 1

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Welcome to the Sonic Fan Game showcase, where I play through a random Sonic Fan Game. It doesn't matter when it was released, as I'll be playing both old and new.

For Episode 010, We look at Sonic Adventure 3: Full Dark Sonic, a Fan Game that was thought to be lost forever. but thanks to the youtubers Scaley Fox and VGFox Games, we now are able to play this old fan game once more. The creator of this fan game has since left the internet without a trace, but at least his work has now been archived for new generations to play. This Fan Game was originally released in 2009, so don't expect something amazing. That being said, it's actually pretty good for the time (bad English aside)

Anyway, in part one, we learn about this planet called Montropolis, and the king was kidnaped by an unknown party. The kidnappers then tell the prince, Miyvrey, that in order to save his father, he need to find the seven chaos emeralds, then extract the dark versions of the Emeralds out of them. It's up to Sonic to stop Miyvrey, along with Dark Sonic and Mecha Sonic, from stealing the Dark Emeralds.

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Lost Planet 3
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