The Lost Powerdrill Massacre 2 Intro?! | Puppet Combo Unfinished Worlds 3

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Welcome to today's adventure in "The Lost Powerdrill Massacre 2 Intro?! | Puppet Combo Unfinished Worlds 3"! Puppet Combo showcases some of their unfinished worlds in what could have been in 3 unreleased games!


Burnt Alive started from me getting too stressed working on Power Drill Massacre / Power Drill Massacre 2

It uses most of the same code but was meant to be a smaller survival horror game than PDM 2. It was basically M House before M House. Ultimately it became an even smaller concept and was released as Meat Cleaver Mutilator, with the story cut out.


This is another project from around the same time which was meant to be a spiritually remake of F13 NES. Unfortunately coding became overly complicated for the scope of the project - I wanted to finish it quickly but implementing all the features was a challenge. Such as switching characters and trading inventory items.


Along with the graphics update, I wanted to move PDM 2 from the Poconos to the dessert and have it take place inside of an abandoned strip mall. This scene would have been the intro, where your car breaks down and one by one the characters leave to go find help and end up at the mall.

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