The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene (Detailed Summary) (ii)

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We are social creatures and knowing why people do what they do is one of the most important tools you can have.

Did you miss part 1? You can check it out after this video if you are interested. The videos can be watched in any order -

Robert Greene is one of my favorite authors who has really changed how I see the world. He has also authored well known books such as The 48 laws of Power, Mastery, the 50th Law and the Art of the seduction.

If you liked this summary and you want to go much deeper into each law, here is a link to the book (Nothing Beats the book!)

The Laws of Human Nature -

If you are more into Audiobooks, here is a link to that. You can get this audiobook for free if you sign up for free Audible trial with the link below. Yes it is almost 30 hours long! …. But in just 1 hour a day for a month you will have leveled up yourself!

Grab the Laws of Human nature on an Audible trial with 2 free books -

My top 3 Robert Greene books are (in no particular order)
1. Mastery
2. The Laws of Human Nature
3. The 48 Laws of Power

If you want to go crazy and go on a Robert Greene binge read-a-thon, here is the box set I got myself last year during the lockdowns

Robert Greene Collection Box Set -

Lessons you will learn from reading the Laws of Human Nature (ii)
1. Are you an envious person?
2. How you let success go to your head and lose touch with reality
3. How most people wander aimlessly through life with false purposes
4. Your aggressive side
5. How the generation you were born into changes how you think
6. Accepting death

00:00 Introduction
01:04 Law 10 - Envy
09:01 Law 11 - Grandiosity
13:56 Law 12 - Gender Rigidity
20:56 Law 13 - Aimlessness
25:52 Law 14 - Conformity
30:40 Law 15 - Fickleness
34:38 Law 16 - Aggression
40:45 Law 17 - Generational Myopia
43:50 Law 18 - Death Denial

Robert Greene is also the author of well-known books such as the 48 Laws of Power and Mastery.

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