The First Boss on a Savage Planet | Journey to the Savage Planet Xbox Series X Gameplay

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So we have the upgrades in Journey to the Savage Planet, now it is time to face off against the first boss of the game. Hopefully we have enough upgrades to get past it into the next

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More About Journey to the Savage Planet:

Journey to the Savage Planet is an upbeat co-op adventure game set in a bright and colorful alien world filled with weird and wonderful creatures.

As an employee of Kindered Aerospace, which proudly touts its rating as the 4th best interstellar exploration company, you are dropped onto an uncharted planet deep in a fictitious, far away corner of the universe.

Launched with high hopes but little equipment and no real plan, your job is to explore, catalog alien flora and fauna and determine if this planet is fit for human habitation. Good luck - and mind the goo!

EXPLORE, FIGHT & CATALOG: Survey 4 different Biomes on Planet AR-Y 26. Scan and catalog alien flora and fauna at your own pace. Discover 30+ creatures, each with unique behaviors, threats, and abilities. Complete player-driven quests while uncovering hundreds of collectibles and secrets along the way.

UPGRADE TO ADVANCE: Access new areas by upgrading your tools including a laser pistol, a rocket pack for boost jumps, rocket boots for swift descents and more. Your trusty 3D printer will turn any old space trash you discover into useful items!

UNCOVER THE MYSTERY: Are you truly alone? Solve the mystery to complete your survey of the planet.

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