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ENGLISH y ESPAÑOL! Pogchamps 3 is now officially over (no spoilers in the comments please) but the memories remain -- and awesome battles like this blitz "sudden death" tie-breaker between @neekolul and @elrubiusOMG! This was Rubius's first ever blitz game -- while Neeko has played thousands of games and is the fastest Pogchamps Can Rubius upset the odds?

Ésta es la primera partida "blitz" (5 minutos sin nada de incremento!) que ha jugado Rubius en su vida -- contra la participante con más experiencia y velocidad de Pogchamps: Neeko! Qué opináis, qué va a pasar? Se puede ganar aunque parezca "misión imposible"?

**Streamed live on Twitch on February 24th, 2021**

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