The Dragon Ball Iceberg Explained

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Intro: 0:00​
Tip of the Iceberg (Lvl 1): 0:50
Below the surface (Lvl 2): 3:32
Mid Iceberg (Lvl 3): 8:41
Bottom Iceberg (Lvl 4): 13:40
Bottom Tip of the Iceberg (Lvl 5): 17:30
Just Keep Swimming (Lvl 6): 21:22
Dark Water (Lvl 7): 23:36
The Abyss (Lvl 8): 27:32
Home for Infinite Losers (LVL 9): 32:24

Thank to Goatku for his editing help:

Original Iceberg Image:

Background video by Shoyoumomo:

Ika art by salvamakoto:

Dragon Ball GT Live Show:
Dragon Ball Kai Live show:

Dragon Ball 4D:

GT Ending Explained by Geekdom101:

Broadcast Audio Explained by AnimeAjay:
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