Stolen Life | Episode 26 Preview

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An Istanbul Ghetto, full of slum houses, muddy roads and a poor Asiye's only desire is to be released from this dead-end Asiye stabs his boyfriend who leaves her because she is pregnant. Asiye and her sister, Mine, escapes from their home since Asiye thinks that her boyfriend is dead. The sisters hitchhike and gets into Çetin's luxurious car whom lives a very rich and irresponsible life. He argues with his girlfriend, Selen inside the car and he accidently pushes her off from a cliff. Asiye films everything with her phone and threatens Çetin. She puts her plan into action quickly: Mine will pretend that the dead girl, Selen, is her sister and Çetin will introduce Asiye to his family as his fiancé. By this way; Çetin would not be charged from killing the girl and Asiye could start a new life. Asiye's family takes Selen's unrecognizable corpse as their daughter's and Çetin's family accepts Asiye into their house. No matter what, Asiye won't be able to escape from her dark past. She will carry her stepmother's passion, dark traces of the past and the Ghetto's mud into her glamourus, rich new

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