SpaceX's Starship Needs A Redesign - The Vast Distances Involved With The Mission

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This is possibly the most ignored problem when it comes to the coverage regarding SpaceX’s Starship, and so we’re gonna spend the next few minutes analyzing this hurdle that SpaceX needs to overcome in order to get to Mars and suggest solutions in future videos that all other space agencies, companies or entities need to or are already exploring, in order to secure humanity’s place amongst the stars.

0:00 Introduction
0:29 Recap Of Previous Videos
1:10 The Expanse
3:31 The Current Design and Plan
5:00 Research Done So Far
6:09 What Happens To Your Body
6:51 The Distance
9:43 Final Thoughts
11:14 Outro

Hi, I’m Omz and welcome to OmzLaw. Today’s analysis will be based on NASA and the Canadian Space Agency's research and experiments, and I’ve left links for all of the information discussed today below. Before I started this series about Starship, and I’ve left links to those videos below:

I was a huge advocate for colonizing Mars. The prospects are truly limitless and unimaginable. However, deep down I always felt that something was wrong with this whole strategy.

Distance really plays a huge part here in understanding the journey to Mars and in effect the gravity problem. Without an established transportation system capable of responding to the crewed vessel in the case of an emergency, this makes the task orders of magnitude more difficult than the moon missions, and those were deadly and complicated, to say the least. Any accident on the way to Mars, such as loss of propellant, control of the craft or navigation, air, water, or any medical emergency that needs gravity or assistance from Earth is at best weeks away and at worse years. SpaceX needs to redesign the interplanetary transport system by either shortening the time it takes to get there by introducing the thermal nuclear engine to one of their starships, a solution I will discuss in a later video after we’ve analyzed the gravitational effects, or spin the starship using the centripetal forces as a method to achieving gravity. Or preferably do both.

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