Smiling x corp zero chapter 1 full gameplay in tamil/Horror game/on vtg!

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Discover the secrets of the hotel. Few have ever solved the enigma

Can you imagine arriving with your parents at a hotel on vacation, and waking up to find yourself alone and with a bunch of mysterious people without knowing where your parents are?

So begins the scary Smiling-X game that takes place in a mysterious hotel, full of secrets and enigmas to solve.
But be careful, because someone sinister and dark will chase you through the corridors of this great hotel! Look for places to hide and prevent him from capturing you too.

Talk to the Hotel staff and find out who this strange being is and where your parents are.
If you like horror games, these are some of the features you will find:
- Awesome cutscenes and cinematics with real voice actors.
- Interact with any NPC in the terrifying Hotel
- Different places to hide, but try not to make noise
- Lots of objects and puzzles in this scary adventure.
- Scary enemies and strange characters
- The most impressive 3D graphics in this funny game.

You will have to help Hari discover the Lord's plans by solving time-limited situations and finding the key to the exit of the haunted hotel, survive and escape from the room
Smiling-X games are popular IndieFist games, you can play offline,Download now one of the best horror games
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