"Sidewinder Secrets, Madagascar’s Snake-a-Palooza, & Flying-Snake Brains" (Panel 3)

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It wouldn't be fair to call the last of our three Snake Patrick's Day panels the "cool" panel, but it does star Jess Tingle (University of California Riverside) on sidewinder biomechanics, Dr. Arianna L. Kuhn (AMNH) on how one species becomes 100, & Dr. Shaz Zamore (ATLAS Institute, University of Colorado, Boulder) on the neurobiology of FLYING SNAKES. Live Qs welcome!

• Jess Tingle, PhD student at University of California Riverside, “Unraveling the Sidewinder’s Secrets Through Biomechanics and Evolution”
• Dr. Arianna L. Kuhn, American Museum of Natural History, "The Snake-a-Palooza of Madagascar: How One species Becomes 100 in the World’s Largest Natural Laboratory"
• Dr. Shaz Zamore, STEM Outreach Coordinator, ATLAS Institute, University of Colorado, Boulder, flying-snake talk title TBD!
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