Safe House: Chased by multiple mercenaries HD CLIP

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What’s happening in this Safe House movie clip?
After escaping the safe house with Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington from The Equalizer and Philadelphia) by locking him in the trunk of the car, Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds from Deadpool) finds himself being chased by multiple mercenaries who are intent on killing him. Frost manages to get out of the trunk and attacks Weston while he is driving and tries to escape the mercenaries. Weston succeeds in losing them and stops in a parking lot, and gets out of the car, Frost at gunpoint.

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What’s the movie Safe House about?
Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington from The Equalizer and Philadelphia) is a former CIA agent turned criminal who has just obtained compromising files. Pursued by heavily armed killers, he takes refuge in the American consulate in Cape CIA, which has been looking for him for several years, places him in a safe house managed by agent Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds from Deadpool) while waiting to exfiltrate him. The killers quickly find his trail and launch an attack, killing the surveillance team. Matt Weston manages to escape with him and seeks to move him to a more secure location, but the attackers have not said their last word and Frost proves to be full of surprises.

Credits: © 2012 Universal Pictures

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