Prehistoric Kingdom lacks Aquatic Content so I got creative - Alpha 0.2.1

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Prehistoric Kingdom currently lacks Aquatic Content. It’s the alpha so it wasn’t expected to begin with. I didn’t exactly come into this thinking I’d get to play with underwater dinosaurs like a Mosasaurus but that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to try and see what water park designs, pens, and enclosures I could get away with. Managed to squeeze a few funny moments out of this testbed park even if I wasn’t being serious in the first place. It’s hard for me to try and make a serious dedicated park when the PK alpha will just wipe the saves clean with future updates. Hardly irritated. I’m patient and can wait for new creatures!

Maybe sometime after release hits Prehistoric Kingdom will have some water content to play with? I doubt it’ll appear during early access considering the dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals we were shown. Hopefully it’ll be priced well if it’s future DLC because it’d be nice to have some aquarium style exhibits to play around with.

Despite that, the current glitches of the alpha gave a few loopholes to play around with. Underwater dinosaurs with land animations are pretty funny. Guests and people walking about carefree is rather surreal too. I’m willing to bet it won’t last much longer, and the behavior/glitches will probably shifted by beta. That’s why I’m trying to catalogue some of these giggles before they vanish, but I’m also running out of temporary & quick ideas for this dinosaur park builder. I think it’s about time I switched to another game just to keep the magic of this one alive. It definitely still has my hopes of what Jurassic World Evolution could have been like with proper Planet Zoo customization options.

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