Play a Herd of Hunted Elephants! | SHELTER 3 gameplay PC

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Opening chapters of Shelter 3 gameplay, leading a herd of elephants on a survival trek with lions, tigers and crocodiles everywhere!
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More of the best indie games from Randomise User! In this let's play Shelter 3 gameplay review we play the latest in a series of abstract survival games based around packs of animals, this time playing the mother elephant with baby and the rest of the family, keeping them fed and out of danger. Also there are dreams, hooboy.

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Official gameplay description: "What happens when a leader falters? The matriarch needs your help to get to an important destination, and you must keep everyone safe along the way. Decide which paths to take as you lead the herd through the matriarch’s forgotten places - but choose carefully, for each path has its own shadows."

Developed by: Might and Delight
Shelter 3 release date: 30 March 2021
Formats available: PC Windows, Mac, Linux

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Review key received for free to allow us to make this video.
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