Planet Nomads (Season 02 Episode 03) Medium Printer Found and Unlocked!!

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Welcome to Planet Nomads. Today we will be discovering how to unlock the medium 3D printer, refinery, armoury and more.
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All Background Music:
Age Rating: New Intro - Radio 2 Remix by Frank Klepacki (Command & Conquer Red Alert 2)
Track 1: Adding the Sun [ Release] by Kevin MacLeod
Track 2: Aerosol of my Love [ Release] by Kevin MacLeod
Track 3: Afterburners in Space - Drum and Bass [ Release] by TeknoAXE
Track 4: Arena - Synthwave [ Release] by TeknoAXE
Track 5: Lights Go Down [YouTube Audio Library] by Dan Henig
Track 6: Raving Energy [ Release] by Kevin MacLeod
End Track: Video Game Blockbuster [ Release] by Rafael Krux
All the music is Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ()

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Command & Conquer OST:
Frank Klepacki:

Kevin MacLeod:

Rafael Krux:


Dan Henig:
YouTube Audio Library

Updated (2021)
Intro: 02 – 16/M
Outro: 02 – Survival/RPG
Backgrounds used: lXFiNG and 4amLd3
Editing Software: PowerDirector 17 Ultimate
Intro Music: New Intro - Radio 2 Remix by Frank Klepacki (Command & Conquer Red Alert 2)
Outro Music: Epic Boss Battle [ Release] by Rafael Krux
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ()

Games Parts (Top Left to Bottom Right):

7 Days to Die, Alchemist's Awakening, Bermuda - Lost Survival, CardLife Creative Survival, Creativerse, Eden Star, Empyrion Galactic Survival, Medieval Engineers, Outlaws of the Old West, PixArk, Planet Nomads, Rising World, Scrap Mechanic, Space Engineers, Valheim, Abducted, Alien Rage, Breathedge, Bright Memory, Deep Rock Galactic, Dying Light, Elex, Graveyard Keeper, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Builder, Outbreak Pandemic Evolution, Outpost Zero, Shadow Warrior, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, Vox Machinae

You can download Planet Nomads from the Steam store here:
Lost Planet 3
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