NOAA OECI: Seek and Discover - Shipwrecks of the Past inspiring Ocean Explorers of the Future

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Description: This one-hour webinar will look at ocean exploration achievements and plans of one of the Ocean Exploration Cooperative Institute (OECI) member institutes: The University of Southern Mississippi (USM). It will be presented live on Sep. 1 at 3 EDT by NOAA OECI Manager Dr. Aurora Elmore, with USM’s Rae Quadara. They will introduce USM scientists (Dr. Leila Hamdan and Dr. Leo Macelloni) and partners (Darrielle Williams and Dr. Ramble Ankumah from Tuskegee University). This is the second seminar in a six-part series. We invite you to attend and engage with presenters in live Q&A.

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Background: The University of Southern Mississippi episode in the OECI seminar series focuses on a cruise aboard the RV Point Sur to explore the Gulf of Mexico near southwest Florida. The research team describes how technology is used to map the seabed and search for the SS Norlindo (the first vessel lost in the Gulf of Mexico during WWII). The discussion moves to what the research team can learn from the shipwreck using ROV exploration. Finally, all featured guests discuss the interactive nature of research through the eyes of the intern on the research team.

LIVE closed captions:
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