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Could games like FIFA 22 and Madden 22 crash your Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S!?

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FIFA 21 is the latest football game developed by Electronic Arts which was first released last October 20202 and is the 28th installment in the series. The game features over 100 icon players as well as new ones. The game features an Ultimate Team mode, Career mode, as Volta. Overall this title has gotten mostly positive reviews and is a great starting point for those who are new to the series.

The Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview - essentially a Halo Infinite beta - continues into the month of October. After two successful tests earlier in the year, the October preview moves from being invite-only to allowing as many players who are interested on Xbox. PC players can still get in on the action - though beta access is not as straightforward.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits launched last week across PlayStation consoles and PC, but if you're an Xbox owner, there's been no news. However, a recent statement from Ember Lab suggests that their recently released game will come to Microsoft's platform after a "rest."

Developer Unknown Worlds has officially released Subnautica: Below Zero in its full release state. The survival/crafting game is no longer in Early Access on Steam, and the latest patch is available for all owners of the game.

Xbox is about to become a more open platform with Microsoft’s September software update. The console is getting the latest version of Microsoft Edge, which means you can play Stadia games, chat on Discord servers, and access Steam.

A recent update from Xbox Game Studios and developer The Initiative in regards to the studio's upcoming project, Perfect Dark, could be a cause for concern. Within the past day, Xbox Game Studios revealed that The Initiative would now be working alongside Square Enix studio Crystal Dynamics as it moves forward with its development of Perfect Dark. And while this might only seem like a good thing when taking the announcement at face value, it does signal that perhaps development on Perfect Dark had been troubled internally.
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