New Meta Podcast Episode 161: D2R Launch, POE Teasers, Lost Ark Cosmetics

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0:00 Intro
8:20 Poll 1
9:49 Poll 2
10:30 D2R Swag
14:20 D2R Launch
28:49 D2R Promising Future?
34:25 PC Gamer D2R Review
39:35 New Lost Ark Cosmetics
42:26 V Rising
44:05 POE Teases
47:18 Diablo 4 Quarterly Update?
49:45 Diablo Immortal Juice Soon?
38:58 Fluff Hates & PChild Loves
50:34 Halo Infinite Flight
57:52 Twitch Boosting Money Grab
1:02:48 Feds coming for Blizz
1:04:20 Fluff Hates & PChild Loves
1:07:38 Twitter Questions

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