(NEW) Get *EVERY STAND* In AUT (A Universal Time) With This Guide! | How To Get *EVERY* Stand In AUT

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This is how to get a Stand in A Universal Time. This video includes most if not all of the current stands in A Universal Time. I hope this AUT Guide for how to get EVERY Stand in A Universal Time on ROBLOX helps you! This video includes how to get STWR, how to get SPR, how to get TWHV, how to get Goku, how to get Reaper, and much more!

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Arrow Stands - 0:13
Omnitrix/Ben 10 - 0:50
Sakuya - 1:16
Gojo - 1:48
Dawn - 2:07
Nocturnus - 2:36
Sans, XChara - 2:54
Goku, Reaper - 3:45
The World - 4:36
The World Over Heaven (TWOH) - 4:59
Star Platinum: The World (SPTW) - 5:15
STWR, SPR - 5:33
Sol - 5:48
TWAU, TWHV - 6:04
Tusk (All Acts), D4C, Gaster - 6:14
Golden Experience Requiem (GER) - 6:56
Made In Heaven, C-Moon - 7:12
Outro - 7:24

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