Networking Speaker Sarah Michel Joins Brad Live! Covid, the future of meetings, and "hybrid" events

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#networking. #networkingspeakerNetworking speaker, corporate emcee and host Sarah Michel from VelvetChainSaw joins Brad for his podcast. Sarah and Brad have been friends a long time and that's evident in this podcast. You'll see them joke and tease each other. Brad had a lot of questions plan for Sarah, but this podcast took an instant turn into the business of speaking both during Covid and post Covid. Sarah shared her expertise on the future of the meeting and convention industry, the future of networking with business events, and what we all need to know going forward as the live event industry changes. Here's a spoiler: it's not ever going to be the same. All of us from meeting planners to speakers, consultants and even attendees of live events need to start getting used to the fact that the same old way just isn't going to work anymore.

Sara got her start as a professional speaker as a networking speaker. She helped organizations and meetings and conventions teach networking skills to their members. Sarah believes that networking is something that we all crave, but very few of us are good at. And really none of us enjoy networking. The secret at these large events is to facilitate a welcoming environment where people get to meet each other in a way that's easy, effective and pain-free. A networking speaker can make a huge difference for the success of a conference or meeting.

Thanks Sarah for joining the podcast.


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