“Mr Vampire..”||Gay glmm||Bl glmm|Gacha life mini movie||Gacha life movie||50k+ special!! ????❤️✨

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I got a little inspired by this glmm over here :0

Vampire’s maid ????????

Credits to Haylie_Playz

E ik this sucks and probably doesnt make sense :,)

Ik theres alot of mistakes- its because I wasn’t paying attention to the glmm AGAIN-

Its so hard to keep my eyes open :,)

Tysm for 50k+!!! Like bruh- I don’t even deserve you guys :,)

Okay goodnight ????????✨

I don’t own the audio.

Audio for intro:

Audio for the introducing characters:

(i just slowed it down)

Audio for outro:

If you read the description comment “Haru is a rat ????”
Life is Strange
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