Most Cursed Rimworld Mod I've Ever Seen | Rimworld: Christmas Storytellers #15

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Hohoho, it's christmas time for Santa, his questionable brother Natsa, and their good aquitance/enforcer Rudolf, who are here to do what Santa does best - gain the trust of the natives with cheap, meaningless gifts while he drains the very life essence from the planet itself!

Along the way we'll be running a christmas advent calendar where every episode you can submit and vote on the next mod to be added into the series every single day!

Oof owie my blood pressure.

=== Mod Info ===

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Please note - this is not all of the mods included, unfortunately, there is a character limit of what I can credit here, please check the workshop page for full credits!

Steam Collection, Load Order file, and instructions here:

Bionic icons, Rimlaser, Recipe icons
Created by AUTOMATIC

Anima Gear
Created by xrushha

Achtung!, Camera+
Created by Brrainz

Anima Fruit
Created by velcroboy333

Better Jump pack
Created by YAYO

Created by Brrainz

Altherian Export - Elemental Weapons Pack
Created by Zomuro

Created by Charlotte

[CP] The Gunny Storyteller, [CP] The VOID Storyteller
Created by Chicken Plucker

War Crimes Expanded 2 Core
Created by Crustypeanut

Created by Dr Zhivago

Build Near Anima Trees
Created by nkuznia

Biomes! Core, Biomes! Islands
Created by Draegon1993

Choice Of Psycasts
Created by Azuraal

Dubs Performance Analyzer, Rimefeller, Dubs Mint Menus
Created by Dubwise

Craftable Psylink Neuroformers
Created by Dragon

Stackable Chunks
Created by EarthyTurtle

Evil Tactician's RimWorld Tweaks
Created by Evil Tactician

Death Rattle Continued []
Created by troopersmith1

Colony Manager, Mod Manager, Blueprints, Area Unlocker
Created by Fluffy

Doors Expanded (Dev)
Created by lbmaian

[FSF] Complex Jobs, [FSF] Meditation Freedom, [FSF] Advanced Bionics Expansion
Created by FrozenSnowFox

Created by Hatti

Elders Faction
Created by xrushha

Created by Jaxe

No Job Authors
Created by Jellypowered

[KV] Configurable Maps, [KV] Impassable Map Maker, [KV] Faction Control, [KV] RimFridge
Created by Kiame Vivacity

RimTaser Reloaded
Created by Lady Elizabeth

Christmas Hats, , Infusion 2
Created by Lakuna

Gun Nut Collection
Created by Harkon

Hotseat - Dynamic Storyteller Switcher
Created by Arquebus

Designator Shapes
Created by Merthykins

JecsTools (Unofficial)
Created by lbmaian

Growable Neutroamine and Simple Turrets
Created by NECEROS

[O21] Toolbox
Created by Neronix17

Naked People Manhunt
Created by Lumi

Dynamic Diplomacy
Created by NilchEi

Optimization: Meats ()
Created by brucethemoose

Created by Chefboyjc

Vanilla Expanded Collection
Created by Oskar Potocki and team

RimQuest (Continued), Roads of the Rim (Continued), Pick Up And Haul (Continued), Lord of the Rims - Elves (Continued), Lovecraft Storyteller (Continued)
Created by Mlie

Simple sidearms
Created by PeteTimesSix

More Trade Ships
Created by PinoChemicali

[] Nukes
Created by Private [GER]

RuntimeGC Unofficial Fork
Created by CaptainPootis

[RF]秦爽天动物 - QYT animals
Created by RicoFox233

Created by Saakra (Wolf)

Smarter Construction
Created by Hultis

Smart Speed and Vanilla Fishing Expanded
Created by Sarg Bjornson

Realistic Planets - Fan Update
Created by Saucy_Pigeon

[SYR] Bullet Casings, [SYR] Thrumkin, and [SYR] Harvest Yield
Created by Syrchalis

Sometimes Raids Go Wrong (patched) []
Created by shakeyourbunny

Reasonable Components
Created by TwistedPacifist

Two's Tilled Soil - 120%
Created by Two

Allow Tool, Defensive Positions, and HugsLib
Created by UnlimitedHugs

Everybody Gets One, Replace Stuff, and Room Food
Created by Uuugggg

Character Editor
Created by VOID

Polarisbloc - Storyteller incidents pack
Created by Vaniat

Elite Bionics Framework
Created by Vectorial1024

Yayo's Combat 3 and Yayo's Meteor
Created by YAYO

Created by aRandomKiwi

Combat Training

Created by bohedo

Humanoid Alien Races
Created by erdelf

Master of Cooking and Thrumbo Extension
Created by leafzxg

Yayo's EndGame
Created by YAYO

Net Gun
Created by panyiu

Zorg ZF1
Created by Frying_Dutchman

Rimsenal Collection
Created by rooki12k

Giddy-up! Caravan, Giddy-up! Core, RunAndGun and Dual Wield
Created by roolo

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=== Music Credits ===

Getting it Done by Kevin MacLeod () Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution License.

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