Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Multiplayer (PC) ALIVE in 2021 - Match 3

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This is one of several recent multiplayer matches, that me and several other (Extreme Snow Pirates) group members played. The gameplay you see here, is from Lost Planet: Extreme Condition's multiplayer game mode, called Elimination. It's the best IMO.

Note: I'm using the video editor that comes with windows 10. It only allows you to export 30 FPS videos. I currently play on a 60hz laptop, so when I'm playing the game, the motion looks much smoother/clearer than in the video.

This is the PC version of the Lost Planet: Extreme Condition that doesn't require GFWL (Games for Windows – Live). Below are links to the game as well as the Steam Group. So if you want to experience the best multiplayer game ever made, get the game and come join us!


Lost Planet 3
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