Lost Planet Colonies - Lets Play #8 (Mission 8) - Isenberg

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With the help of Basil, a familiar person we've encountered back at the Snow Fields, we've successfully infiltrated NEVEC's destination which previously turned out to be the Crimson Pirate Fortress. We find out that Basil wasn't after Yuri from the beginning. A man named "Ivan Solotov", Yuri's father. Heading back to base, we stumble upon a NEVEC trooper named "Joe" who was took part of the Frontier Project's completion. After a brief battle, we took a Joe's PDA and gave it to Rick, who encrypted the intel. Turns out, Yuri is the head researcher of the Frontier Project. After encrypting the intel, we're sent out yet again to infiltrate the Volcano Dome Facility, a heavily guarded NEVEC research facility in which is a source of fuel for the Frontier Project. Will we be able to fight off the many Akrid that thrives within the Volcanic regions of III and slip past NEVEC's presence?
Lost Planet 3
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