Lost Away Official Announcement Trailer | 2021 | 3 of 3

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Lost Away Official Announcement Trailer | 2021 | 3 of 3
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Watch the intense announcement trailer for a peek at the world and dangers that await in the upcoming first-person, sci-fi survival game, Lost Away.

Set in a faraway, hostile yet beautiful planet outside of our solar system, players will find themselves waking up the lone survivors of an abandoned spaceship crash. With a broken radio, inhabitable conditions, and the ship blown to pieces, the colony decides not to send for help, thus leaving the only survivor dead.

Instincts will be put to the test as explorers will be invited to wander through previously uncharted territories, forced to scramble for breathable air, resources, and building materials as they set out to overcome this unforgiving survival experience. Set plans for a base and choose to hunt or harvest the surrounding wildlife. The knowledge you obtain each day will become key towards improving your chances of survival.

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Lost Planet 3
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