Lost Away Gameplay Trailer - An Upcoming First-Person Survival Action Game/PC

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Lost Away Gameplay Trailer - An Upcoming First-Person Survival Action Game/PC

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Lost Away is a first-person survival action game set light-years away from our solar system. After a spaceship crash, the protagonists find themselves the lone survivors on a mysterious planet where nothing is quite as it seems.



You are stranded, deep inside the wilderness of a mysterious planet. Use all of your tools, tech and skills to set a base camp, discover the planet's previously undiscovered secrets and return to Earth alive.

Stay oxidized: On this planet, oxygen won’t be taken for granted. With little breathable air from the atmosphere, a lack of oxygen will remain a constant foe throughout your journey. Stay ahead, continue breathing and you will become the king of the jungle.

In order to survive, you will have to know your surroundings. Plan your route, use navigation points and discover the deep and gorgeous world around you.

Everything you find can prove useful if you are creative enough - combine, experiment, and master the skill of crafting.

Explore this alien world in the search of materials, use your newly crafted tools to build a mighty shelter, and increase your chances of surviving the night.

There’s more than one way to survive hunger. Make your way through the jungle, and hunt wild and strange animals, or stick to the flora, grow and harvest your very own alien fruit and vegetable from the ground below your feet.

Develop new manufacturing technologies, repair the badly damaged spaceship and return to Earth. Don’t be fooled though, you’re in for a long and arduous journey.

Use the sandbox experience just to have fun and play at your own pace. Focus on discovering secrets and ancient alien locations, or create a comfortable habitat and make yourself at home.

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