Life is strange || I wanna be your girlfriend

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Last year I absolutely fell in love with Girl in Red and I just couldn't help but feel this song completely fits Life is Strange. So here almost a year later I finally finished that edit.

The "story"
The story doesn't deviate from the plot, but there are some narratives and thoughts that could do with some explanation to make the video more clear.

The first part of the song is shown from Chloe's narrative. Chloe and Rachel are joined at the hip, but Chloe wants something more out of her friendship. However, she feels unsure about whether or not these feelings are returned. Chloe reminisces about their time together as her feelings grow.

The song shifts to a few years later, when Chloe, now accompanied by her former childhood friend Max, finds out Rachel has been killed by an overdose as a part of Mark Jefferson's elaborate scheme to frame girls in moments of desperation.

The song is now playing from the perspective of Max, who feels incredibly guilty about her growing feelings for Chloe due to Chloe's mourning about Rachel. Chloe reciprocates Max's feelings, but can't stop thinking about all her memories with Rachel and the strong feelings Chloe had for her.

In order to stop the town from being destroyed by an oncoming storm, Max must go back in time to undo the event, Max preventing Chloe's death time and again, that possibly caused the storm.

Max, remembering the amount of pain Chloe has gone through with the loss of Rachel, opts not to go back in time and undo the event. Max tears the photo that gave her the ability to change Chloe's fate, as she has come to realize she is everything Chloe currently has left. They get out of Arcadia Bay once the storm has passed and start a new life together.

I wanna thank my friend Merel for helping me get the voice overs for this edit, and my friend Char for inspiring a part of how I edited this video! Also shoutout to the abunis squad xoxo.
Life is Strange
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