Let's Play Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye Episode 1: Lost in Space

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We're back for another round of mystery in the universe! We're both super excited to be revisiting this universe with the brand new DLC. We take a minute to get our bearings and I (Brenton) may lead us on some bad but we eventually stumble into a new area.

00:00 Welcome back!
02:30 The New Exhibit
05:35 Checking the Radio Tower
09:50 Suggestions on Napping
13:05 Satellite Travel
17:55 Deep Space Radio Signal
21:00 First Loop Ending
23:00 Checking the Satellite
25:50 Deep Space Radio Signal Part 2
30:25 Radio Tower Investigation
34:00 Spinning Danger!
38:40 Nap Time
39:50 Mystery Spot?
43:15 Fast Forward to the End
47:35 A False Lead
56:30 Museum Revisit
58:45 Satellite Part 3
1:00:50 Meowth Facts
1:02:00 Fly at it!
1:04:17 Parking Garage
1:05:16 Drop Out
1:06:20 Unknown Language
1:11:50 Past Information
1:15:50 Down River
1:20:15 New Land
1:23:00 Slide Show 2
1:25:00 Loop Finale
Lost Planet 3
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