Let's play Air Strike 3D - Mission 1 - Tutorial

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Story of Air Strike 3D

Set long before Air Strike 2 and Chicken Invaders 4: Ultimate Omellete: One day while flying across the Duckburg, Launchpad McQuack was suddenly warped into oortal that brought him to planet Earth and tunred him into terran. Far from Duckworld, confused and lost, Launchpad desperately pleas from someone that will help him to get back home, until he receives the word from United Planets Federation that their current enemy called Organization led by the man named Simon Judeau aka Professor, which is keeping in fear peaceful citizens of Earth for over three years already, has increased their oil output to get more money and build various weapons factories. They still have nuclear warheads that were stolen. So they decide to enlist aid of Launchpad McQuack and to act covertly in order to avoid open face-off with Organization to avoid the nuclear disaster. Jean-Luc Piccard, leader of Federation plans a secret operation to destroy organization's strategic bases and warns Launchpad that it will be extremely difficult and dangerous because he will have to act alone. Any mistake will lead to nuclear war that will consume the Earth. United Planets Federation will provide Launchpad with all modern weapons and crafts he will need in hopes that mission will be successful.

AirStrike 3D is vertically-scrolling shooter featuring a single helicopter. The game world is fully in 3-D and can be played at a slanted 3-D angle or a more traditional "top-view". Before choosing a mission, the player must decide which one of 10 helicopters to use, each with different capabilities. Once in flight, this helicopter will fire at swarms of enemy opponents and installations, uncovering power-ups while doing so. The exact effect of the power-ups changes depending on the helicopter being used.

Mission 1 - Tutorial

Story: After hearing what United Planets Federation tells him about what he has to deal with, Launchpad McQuack becomes very fearful and unconfident in himself because of his underwhelming piloting skills. Launchpad is worried and wonders how will a bad pilot like him ever be able to go into such dangerous mission. Fortunately, United Planets Federation encourages him not to worry about anything as they will provide him with a flying tutorial before taking off to fight Organization.

Gameplay: Here's the game you were all waiting for: Air Strike 3D! The first mission is tutorial, which means that it's going to be very easy. You can move left, right, forward and backward with keyboard or by mouse. First weapons you'll use are Machine Gun, that has very low damage output but very high rate of fire, and Impulse Gun, that has better damage output than Machine Gun and has spread. Enemies are divided into three categories: Air enemies which include helicopters, planes and other aircraft, Land enemies which include jeeps, tanks, turrets, and other military craft, and Naval enemies which include ships and boats.
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