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Кино [ki-NO]
noun, neutral

Давай сходим в кино?
Let's go to the movies?

Театр [te-ATR]
noun, masculine

Концерт [kon-TSERT]
noun, masculine

В воскресенье я ходил на концерт.
On Sunday I went to a concert.

Рыбалка [ry-BAL-ka]
noun, feminine

- Поедешь с нами на рыбалку в субботу?
- Will you go fishing with us on Saturday?
- Конечно, поеду!
- Of course, I will!

Вечеринка [ve-che-RIN-ka]
noun, feminine

- Завтра у нас будет вечеринка. Приходи!
- Tomorrow we will have a party. Come!
- Обязательно приду!
- I certainly will!

Боулинг [BOU-leeng]
noun, masculine

Как насчёт того, чтобы сходить в боулинг в субботу?
How about going to play bowling on Saturday?

Футбол [fud-BOL]
Football / Soccer
noun, masculine

Зоопарк [zoh-oh-PARK]
noun, masculine

Цирк [TSYRK]
noun, masculine

Я купил два билета в цирк.
I bought two tickets to the circus.

noun, masculine

Сегодня в парке будет представление.
There will be a performance in the park today.

Торговый центр [tor-GO-vyi TSENTR]
Shopping center / Mall
noun, masculine

У нас построили новый торговый центр.
A new shopping center was built in our district.

Шопинг [SHO-peeng]
noun, masculine

Шопинг - это когда вы ходите по магазинам и что-то покупаете.
Shopping is when you walk around the stores and buy something.

Аквапарк [akva-PARK]
Water park
noun, masculine

- Представляешь, вчера мы целый день были в аквапарке!
- Guess what, yesterday we spent the whole day in the water park!
- Ну и (что)?
- So what?

Каток [ka-TOK]
Ice rink
noun, masculine

- Пойдёшь со мной на каток вечером?
- Will you go to the ice rink with me tonight?
- Я подумаю.
- I'll think about it.

Пейнтбол [peint-BOL]
noun, masculine

- Откуда у тебя синяк?
- Where did you get this bruise?
- А, это? Это мы вчера в пейнтбол играли.
- This? We played paintball yesterday.

Музей [mu-ZEI]
noun, masculine

Вчера мы ходили на акцию "Ночь в музее".
Yesterday we went to the event "Night in a museum"

From this video you will learn some of the Russian words related to leisure time activities: "Cinema", "Theater", "Concert", "Fishing", "Party", "Bowling", "Football", "Zoo", "Circus", "Park", "Shopping center", "Shopping", "Water park", "Ice rink", "Paintball", "Museum", and so on. You will also learn a few handy colloquial phrases with these words. I hope you enjoy the entertaining way of words presentation, and it will help you memorize them better.
We presented all Russian words in this video in their dictionary form with English phonetic spelling and translation. We also wrote a small characteristic of the word: its part of speech and grammatical gender. Each word is repeated multiple times: in normal speed, slowly and in an unusual way (whispering, loudly, echoing, acting out an emotion). This will help you memorize these words even after the first watch! The review exercises will help the words to sink in your memory. A lot of Russian online video lessons for basic level include too many phrases in one lesson, for instance, 100 russian phrases. Our videos include fewer coolocation phrases and words, but they are practiced thouroughly thanks to the repetition and act-out technique. The method used in these short vocabulary lessons can be a great help if you are trying to learn some must-know Russian words or just random Russian phrases.
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