Katy reacts to Life is Strange: True Colors reveal and Steph Reprisal!

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Hope you enjoy my live reaction to the Square Enix Presents Reveal of the new Life is Strange: True Colors!

First of all: Sorry about the audio! I had to mute during stream and overlay during editing! I will be putting out two more focused reaction videos in the next couple of days! As this one is the first, but I was all over the place haha

It's been years of silence.
Of flying/driving back and fourth to the beautiful state of Colorado. Of working with INCREDIBLY talented individuals. Of new adventures. New experiences. New friendships. Of being able to live through my favorite role again. It's been years, but the fact that I can talk about it now makes it all so surreal. I am forever grateful to be reprising my role as
Steph Gingrich in Life is Strange: True Colors. The next game in a beautiful series of games before it. I cannot wait for everyone to be able to play this game.

Thank you to @lifeisstrangegame and to all the amazing people who worked on this game over the years! The Dev team is where it is at! I cannot gush enough about working with @deckninegames on this game and each individual who focused their whole heart into it. Thank you all and to everyone at @squareenix thank you and every one of you for all you do to bring these games to the player! And to all the amazing actors! Can't wait for you all to fall in LOVE with these new characters!

If you read this far, let me know how much you loved the trailer!!

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