Jim Rickards Warns: The New Great Depression is Coming (What He Recommends You Do)

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Jim Rickards explains his prediction that another great depression is coming soon to the United States and what he recommends today to prepare.
0:00 Introducing Jim Rickards
2:43 The pandemic and The New Great Depression
3:42 Scientists don’t agree with each other
9:52 Lockdowns have mental health consequences
16:35 The stock market no longer bears any relation to the real economy.
20:22 There will not be pent up demand
24:34 Asset bubbles or asset inflation?
26:14 Money printing doesn't cause inflation
29:35 Keynesian multiplier works up to a debt to GDP ratio of about 90%.
30:34 The liquidity trap from people saving the stimulus
34:00 Why Jim is bullish on gold and silver
37:37 Why Jim is not interested in Bitcoin
45:56 Millions of people are migrating out of major cities
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