It wasn't pretty, but I screwed Deadpool - CorkScrewed [Hot Wheels] (SNACK Sized Video)

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Yo - Ryan Reynolds - Mr Deadpool, this ones for you. - Love your sense of humor.

To the masses: take this as intended - a play on words and a bit of fun. We are known for executing the Corkscrew Stunt with our Hot Wheels (see below for some links to Datsun 510 / BMW 2002 and the Fast & Furious cars), but Corkscrewing this 'quite heavy' Chimichanga Van was more of a challenge - hence, it wasn't as pretty as our other videos, but stoked we got it on its wheels.

We know that not everyone has time to watch long clips and getting to the point is important, so look for the tags in our title to determine if this is something you can watch on the run or wait till you are chilled out at home. Whatever your digestion capability we have something to suit everyone.
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Video shot using an iPhone 10 and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Music: YouTube Royalty Free: The Jam - Slynk & Mr Stabalina

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