I built a Deadly Log Flume Ride that Tortures People – Planet Coaster

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So yea. I built a Deadly Log Flume Ride that Waterboards People. Planet Coaster sure gives you plenty of options, but I went a little lighter on this death ride. In scenery terms, at least. It’s not as openly outrageous as the roaster coaster I made weeks ago, but this flume of doom is certainly a killer with its own design. Like how it kinda waterboards the guests before they even get to the big drop among other things. Max height helps too. Another fine entry for my DatxDiver Builds Series, I think. Another funny addition to an already crazy comedy theme park. And to think this is only the second big ride, and not even a rollercoaster.

I kinda wish there was more Planet Coaster log flume variety. There's only one log ride variant and another flume choice, but then again they're cookie cutter designs so. Oh well. Can hardly complain about such a flexible game, especially considering Jurassic World Evolution was rather disappointing by comparison.

While this ride was less overtly deadly, I don’t know if future videos will keep the subtlety or just turn out as shamelessly outrageous like the first ride. As much fun as I have making nice looking parks, I like making overtly crazy ideas too. Thankfully Planet Coaster has so many options to screw around with. I could definitely cook up something far more interesting than simply drowning park guests and visitors. But I’ll save those plans for the third entry, because I’m absolutely sure this park will only continue to expand in the future.

And as much fun as this was to do, it’s my longest and most edited video by far. Takes a lot of time to do though, hence why there was a two-week gap for its release. I hope future releases do the same but I’m just doing this for fun so…

DatXDiver Builds Series: A funny and episodic variety Let’s Play series. From challenges to ridiculous prompts, I build whatever the hell I feel like in any game with palpable construction flexibility or sandbox options. The best funny moments will be presented in a narrative fashion to keep things fluid. The game library will vary and change, but comedy episodes for Planet Coaster, Besiege, Planet Zoo, Minecraft, Rimworld, Stonehearth, City Skylines, and even a rare IRL craft are all fair game. The vast majority of episodes will remain gaming, and any IRL or unusual uploads will be paired with a gaming video to be uploaded on the same day or week.
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