How do I become a Healer? | Bridging Entrepreneurship and Healing

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You may have had that inkling within, telling you that you have healer potential, but how do you own that? How do you embrace that healer capacity and actually lead your life with it in place this time? Well, why not get the tips and tricks from Kelsey, the CEO of Empowered Healers Academy and co-creator of Subconscious Imprinting Technique, her very own healing modality, certifying practitioners around the globe, and imparting real change in people’s lives? ????

Previously, Kelsey and V have talked about whether you’re a healer or not and which of the different types of healer you are. If you missed that, you can go check that out here:

Now, if you’ve affirmed that you are, then here’s the sequel: How do you BECOME a Healer? In this video, Kelsey talks about the ropes around embodying being a healer, and what it really takes to live a life as a healing practitioner. Not many people talk about this enough but when you own being a healer and start living your life in that direction, you step into the realm of being a business owner.

Entrepreneurship and being a Healer, they intertwine with each other. Getting the certification, the degree, the modality, or whichever, is simply part one of becoming a healer, and as much as we wished the world worked as easily, you’re gonna have to do a lot of work because you’re not an employee under anybody other than yourself. You’re gonna have to figure out your specialization, expenses for training as well as both your business budget and your emotional budget, although, no worries, that’s what Kelsey’s here for!

This is the REAL talk most schools/programs/courses won’t tell you.


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