GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition - EVERYTHING WE KNOW (sorry GTA 6)

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GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition - CONFIRMED by Rockstar Games!


GTA Trilogy Achievements:
GTA Trilogy Artwork:
GTA Trilogy Pricing:

Rockstar Games have officially confirmed the GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition. I am so excited because this means newer GTA fans get a chance to immerse themselves in the worlds of Grand Theft Auto that made Grand Theft Auto! It's also a chance for the OG GTA fans to revisit the home of some of our childhoods. The GTA Trilogy is a full on remaster of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas on the Unreal 4 Gaming Engine. While there is no current GTA Trilogy gameplay or screenshots we do have images of the GTA Trilogy achievement icons that have had their artwork revamped. There also seems to be a secret achievement added to GTA San Andreas referencing the infamous big foot myth. And lastly we also take a look at the potential pricing of the GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition!

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0:00-1:34 Intro & Trilogy Discussion
1:44-3:35 GTA Trilogy Details
4:05-5:14 Trilogy Achievement Artwork
5:15-5:50 GTA Trilogy Easter Egg & Secret
5:51-6:05 GTA Trilogy Artwork
6:10-7:00 GTA Trilogy Pricing
Ori and the Blind Forest
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