GodCast Ep.4 Andy Murphy x Nicky Ortega | How Mindset Can Impact Your Life: Career | Relationships

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1:21 What is a Mindset?
"Alter-Ego”(Shape-Shifting) and Peak Performance
3:27 How Belief Systems Creates Mindsets (POV’s, Laws by Which We Live by)
4:00 Tall Puppy Syndrome
*How Can One Be Fulfilled?
4:50 Andy’s Epic Story
6:35 The Catalyst (A Projection of the Ego?)
7:44 Following Intuition
8:39 Being Resourceful
9:36 Helping Others | Performance Space
10:37 Are You Seemingly Stuck in the Same Chapter?
11:30 Everything is Frequency/Vibration
12:35 The Bridge Between Business & Spirituality (It’s All The Same Thing)
13:43 What To Do When You Hit A Growth Ceiling?
(Why Trauma Healing Is Important For Peak Performance)
14:50 Mental Performance x Skillset x High Frequency = Super “Human”
15:30 Realizing Your Full Potential | Self-Actualization
17:26 Are You Using “Spirituality" to Bypass Desires?
*The Merge of the Material & Spiritual Plane
19:05 Are You Forming an Identity of Your “Spirituality?”
(The Ego Traps)
19:35 Andy’s Thoughts on Plant Medicine
*Ego-death or Bypassing?
22:19 Quantum Physics: "The Flat Plane”
24:00 The Rainbow Effect | Hawkins Scale
26:06 Truth is All-Inclusive | Non-duality
28:00 Selling vs Embodiment
29:30 Dealing with Suicidal Clients
31:00 The Value of Wisdom
32:35 We Are All Walking Each Other Home
35:17 Taking the Leap of Faith

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