Gabrielle Hersh: Did Max And Chloe Price Kiss In Life Is Strange Mocap? | Life After Strange Ep 10

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Gabrielle Hersh, who provided motion capture for Chloe Price, Kate Marsh, Victoria Chase and Joyce Price in Life Is Strange, appears on the 10th episode of Life After Strange.

'Life After Strange' is a brand-new online series exclusive to Player 1 vs The World. Our series brings back members from the Life Is Strange franchise to share their experiences on the project and talk about what they’ve been doing post-LIS.

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00:00 -- Introduction
00:47-- How did Gabrielle Hersh end up pursuing her career in acting?
01:58 -- Gabrielle talks about how she ended up getting involved in Life Is Strange’s motion capture
03:48 -- Was Gabrielle told that she would be providing motion capture specifically for Chloe Price?
05:02 -- Did Gabrielle know that she wouldn’t provide the voice for Chloe in the final product?
05:58 -- What was Gabrielle’s first impressions of Chloe when she saw what she looked like?
06:57 -- What did Gabrielle make of Ashly Burch’s voice when she heard Chloe speak?
07:48 -- Gabrielle talks about working on the motion capture alongside Life Is Strange co-directors Raoul Barbet and Michel Koch
08:40 -- What was Gabrielle’s relationship like with Max Caulfield’s mocap actor, Serena de Mouroux-Phelan, on Life Is Strange?
10:31 -- How long did it take for Gabrielle to do motion capture for all of Life Is Strange? What was the longest day’s shoot?
11:54 -- What was Gabrielle’s experience like with Life Is Strange fans after episodes started to release?
12:54 -- Gabrielle talks about the differing experiences of working with Dontnod Entertainment and Quantic Dream on motion capture
13:51 -- Which was the most challenging role for Gabrielle: her work on Life Is Strange or those in Quantic Dream’s titles?
15:11 -- Is there anything that Gabrielle wished that Dontnod had focused on more with Chloe?
16:08 -- What was Gabrielle’s favourite scene to record in Life Is Strange motion capture and why?
17:32 -- Which other characters did Gabrielle do mocap for alongside Chloe and Victoria Chase?
18:22 -- Gabrielle’s thoughts on the character of Victoria
19:01 -- What was Gabrielle’s thoughts on Life Is Strange’s story and the Max-Chloe dynamic? Did Max and Chloe kiss in mocap?
20:59 -- Gabrielle continues to talk about the kiss scenes involving Max and Chloe
21:44 -- Outside of Max and Chloe, Gabrielle reveals her favourite characters from Life Is Strange
23:00 -- What are Gabrielle’s favourite scenes from Life Is Strange?
24:03 -- Where does Gabrielle stand on the ending of Life Is Strange: does she save Chloe or does she save Arcadia Bay?
25:44 -- Bacon omelette or Belgian waffles?
26:04 -- Was Gabrielle disappointed that she didn’t have the chance to do Chloe’s mocap for Life Is Strange: Before the Storm?
26:52 -- Did Gabrielle follow Chloe’s story in Before the Storm?
27:47 -- Gabrielle talks about breaking into the gaming industry at a young age
29:36 -- Gabrielle opens up about her experience of working with David Cage on two Quantic Dream titles
30:22 -- Gabrielle offers her thoughts on Beyond: Two Souls and actors Elliot Page and Willem Dafoe
31:22 -- Did Quantic Dream specifically ask for Gabrielle to come back and work on Detroit: Become Human?
33:03 -- What were Gabrielle’s first impressions of Detroit’s Chloe?
34:30 -- Did Gabrielle know that Quantic Dream wouldn’t be using her voice for Hostess Chloe?
35:22 -- Gabrielle reveals how they shot the scene involving three Chloes on the screen
36:10 -- Hostess Chloe: does Gabrielle keep her in the main menu screen or free her?
37:01 -- Which is Gabrielle’s favourite out of Detroit’s three androids: Kara, Connor or Markus?
38:20 -- Detroit Chloe or Life Is Strange Chloe: which is Gabrielle’s favourite and why?
39:36 -- Gabrielle talks about her future in acting and her career plans going forward
40:52 -- Who would Gabrielle cast as Chloe in the Life Is Strange TV series and why?
42:16 -- Gabrielle sends a message to the Life Is Strange community

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