FAST LIFE | Doubt Vs. MTB Dreams S4E2 w/ Kate Courtney, Loic Bruni & Finn Iles

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Doubt kills more dreams than fear ever will. The 2020 Mountain Bike World Cup Season has been full of both and riders who could handle the potent mix better, ended up taking the top spots.

While the Cross-Country elite wrapped up the season on the same track they had started it just a few days before, in Nové Město na Moravě, Czech Republic, the Downhill's finest travelled to a brand new venue in Lousã, Portugal where the world witnessed a grand return of the aka Greg Minnaar and some late season redemption for @Loic BRUNI.

Loic Bruni, FRANCE, , Specialized Gravity
Finn Iles, CANADA, 21 , Specialized Gravity
Kate Courtney, USA, 25 , Scott-Sram MTB Racing Team

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