Facebook Marketing: 3 l Understand how you act as a user and you will see what you can do as a giver

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This is the “Facebook Marketing and Advertising in 2016” audio version of the book. This is the complete book formatted to be in a video class.

In this course, you will learn:

- Start listening to my Facebook marketing and advertising audio lectures here
- Starting with why!
- Understand how you act as a user and you will see what you can do as a giver!
- All feedback received is helpful
- What works on you might work on others!
- What is working the very best today for me on Facebook
- Lipstick on a pig!
- Lipstick on a pig!
- What is the most powerful way to use Facebook for getting organic reach
- Video is the most powerful form of communication online today
- How to make magnificent videos on Facebook!
- The power of producing videos daily!
- How easy is it to start making videos on Facebook? Facebook Chapter 5C
- Branding on Facebook
- The importance of knowing exactly who the potential client is
- Personal Facebook profiles have amazing power
- My personal profile helped me start and grow my business first
- Working at the right pace
- How to know if I am working at the right pace!
- Facebook groups are the easiest way to reach the newsfeed
- Facebook groups help make personal connections and are great for learning
- Facebook pages and advertising explained
- Your first Facebook page likes should be friends and family
- My ideal Facebook marketing and advertising strategy
- Daily progress rather than perfection
- Alternatives to making videos
- The best tips and tricks I know for Facebook

This course was designed for total beginners and there is no particular knowledge requirement. Thank you for learning about the course, and we hope you love it!

Make sure to check out the playlist for the rest of the videos.


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