Episode 14: The Lost Art of Being You (with Bart Scholtissen)

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In these crazy times we are challenged to let go of old limiting believes more than ever, we need to realize that our system is adaptive and very capable of living a long and happy life.

It’s time we let go of old dogmas that have been holding us back from living our full potential. It’s time we get reconnected with ourselves, each other, and the world we live in again! This way we can create balance and overcome most sickness and disease.

The steps we can take to go on this journey are relatively simple.

Living in the present moment, letting go of attachment, being grateful, being vulnerable, breathing better, and overall reconnecting with nature are all ways to get back to your true nature. And by doing this we are all able to live a more happy, healthy, and strong life.

During this session Bart will take you along on an important part of the journey he has travelled over the last few years after leaving the academic world due to a major burnout. He’ll share the lessons he’s learned, and he hopes to inspire you to be more you!
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